Q: How old are you?
A: 24

Q: What ethnicity are you? / Where are you from?
A: English & Guyanese / Born and raised in London

Q: What Camera do you use?
A: Canon SLR D550 or Panasonice Lumix GH1

Q: I want to study fashion, know of any good schools? / What was your course like?
A: To be totally honest, I dont believe you need a degree to work in fashion, its more about working up the ranks of somewhere and who you know. Studying fashion styling has given me a bit of good knowledge about the industry but I would of learnt more by working in it.
That aside I would suggest the London College of fashion, I went to Southampton solent and I didnt enjoy it too much, I dont feel like they taught as much as they should have, If you really want to study fashion I would suggest a short course or London (there are probably good courses up north I just dont know about them) Its a hard industry to get into but you can do anything you want if your heart is in it =]

Q: How do you do your hair? / Is that your real hair?
A: I never wear my natural hair to be honest, Its usually either clip in extensions which I do myself or I go to get a weave done.

Q: What colour is your hair?
A: Its not really a colour you can get from a box! Its usually extensions (Human hair) in colour 6 or 4

Q: What type of skin do you have?
A: Combination, My t-zone tends to get oily by the end of the day

Q: What colour are you in MAC?
A: NC37 in winter, NC40 in summer