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Jordan said...

Hello :D I am not a blogger, but I am an inspiring writer. I was looking at your outfits that you put together, and I was wondering I could use the outfits for one of my characters in my novel. I will credit you in anyway, that you want. I'm not good with picking out outfits, and mixing and matching them soo.. yeah. I'm Jordan, btw and its nice to meet you Sammi.

Bethany Mota Beauty said...
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Bethany Mota Beauty said...

Hello I am new a blogger i hope you see my blog and give me a chance reading my blogger

Veryash said...

Sammi your blog is beautiful, inspires me all the time. Thanks x

MeghansChipper said...

You're such an inspiration. I love the way you've set up your blog. It's so minimalistic and clean. Keep up the great work!

Much love from Toronto, Ontario.
Meghan C