Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Marc Jacobs HONEY

Hey guys,

I had the opportunity recently to try the newest fragrance from MarcJacobs, 'Honey'. I am a massive perfume fan and have built up quite a collection, its quite an obsession of mine so I was excited to see what this latest offering was like. I love MarcJacobs perfumes in particular and one of my all-time favourites is 'Daisy'.
This perfume is much sweeter and a little more vibrant than Daisy, To me this is defiantly a daytime scent and is perfect for summer. It lives up to its name and has a distinct honey twinge which I adore as I love honey and honey scented/flavoured things in general!
If you like quite a light, girly, playful & young perfume you should defiantly try this out, Its unlike any other perfume I own - Many in my collection seem to be quite similar but this one is distinctive.
Aesthetically the bottle is the cutest thing - round, dotted, yellow and studded with decroative pearl bees, It looks adorable on my dressing table.

There is a fun Instagram competition running at the moment with the MarcJacobs 'Honey' fragrance, To join in just post an image of your own Honey spots and the hashtag #MJHONEYSPOTS

1. Take a picture of your #MJHONEYSPOT on Instagram
2. Tag photo with #MJHONEYSPOTS and name the location of the spot
3. Post picture and you're automatically entered

Honey is a sunny delicious floral - happy and energetic, with a touch of the unexpected. Meet MarcJacobs new Honey and discover #MJHONEYSPOTS at www.marcjacobsfragrances.com 

 Let me know what you guys think of the perfume or if you join in with the competition!

Hope you're all well

Sammi x

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Yatri said...

I LOVE Daisy, think I'm going to have to try this one out too!! The bottle is just AMMZE!! Could just buy it for the bottle :p xx

The Golden Monkey:: UK Fashion & Style Blog

ThriftThick said...

The bottle of this one is SO stinking adorable; I hope I love the scent so that I can justify getting this rather than buying just for the bottle haha :)


Natalia Kov said...

The packaging is really cute!! :)

Natalia xo


Thea Lee said...

i got a sample of this and I LOVE IT..
<3 otheality.blogspot.com <3

Millie H said...

I'd buy this perfume just for the bottle because it's so cute, but by the sounds of it I'll love the scent too! x


Sara Chergui said...

Looks so lovely ! Love the pictures ♥

theremightbecoffee said...

I really can't wait to smell this! As soon as I saw the advert for it last Tuesday in a magazine I just fell in love with the bottle. I didn't think Marc Jacobs could get any cuter after Dot, but he certainly has. ^_^


Rachael said...

Love the packaging of Marc Jacob's perfumes - this one is adorable!
Rachael x
Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

heelsforever said...

Want this purely for the beautiful packaging lol xx

Heels forever

AmyXx said...

I love Marc Jacobs perfumes..one of my favourites is Daisy Eau So Fresh, I've seen this advertised and been wanting to smell it for a while! Can't wait to try it, fab post! good heads up about the competition too :)


Amy, X

lizzo said...

The packaging is so adorable, and unique! Makes a change from princess pink looking bottles of perfume!


Lizzie Xo

Gen said...

That's a really adorable bottle!

Céline said...

Marc Jacobs perfumes are so nice ! My favorite has to be Daisy too. I love wearing it during Spring season as it's so fresh and light !! I need to try this one though :-) xx


Andrea Bremner said...

I was in Boots today and happened to smell it, I completely agree its perfect for summer, something I'd love to wear on holiday. Smells a lot like peaches!


Iqra said...

I think I'd buy this beauty just for the bottle! haha how adorable ^_^ I love how Mr. Jacobs is always so fun with his fragrances!

| new beauty blog | Iqra

Emma Mitchell said...

Really love the sound of this perfume! Im a huge Marc Jacobs Daisy fan and cant wait to smell this one!


Jemimah A said...

love mj perfumes

Lara said...

I love Daisy and Oh Lola! x Both such distinct and exquisite scents -- I'm excited to give honey as try and see if Marc Jacobs is living up to it's incredibly high standards.

xxxxx Love you Sammi! <3


Alice H said...

The cute packaging has already sold the perfume too me, how sweet is this!? I can't imagine a perfume with honey notes within it, I'm so curious to smell it xx


Samantha Kirk said...

Hi Sammi :)

Not gonna lie, I would probably buy this for the bottle, even if it smelt crappy! But I have full faith in Marc Jacobs perfumes so it's guaranteed to smell gorgey, like you say. Desperate to add it to my collection!

Does anyone know if this is limited edition?

I also recommend the Daisy Eau So Fresh Summertime perfume - that one IS limited edition for summer, and it's even nicer than the regular Daisy perfume (shock gasp!).

Sam xxx

Zara said...

I have been seeing this perfume everywhere! i may just have to get it now lol


Come check out mine if you'd like to
Zara (Bows and Pearls)


Rosie said...

I love Marc Jacobs perfumes, this one looks really nice, love the bottle xx

Maddy said...

This looks like such a lovely perfume, I really want to have a sniff! x

laters,coco. said...

how cuuuute is this!?
I need to smell on it the next time!


Rebekah Sharpe said...

the bottle is so cute! honey is my favourite smell too so i'd love to try it!
rebekah emilia xxx

Our London Wardrobe said...

Daisy is my all-time favourite and I am so loyal to Marc Jacobs for my perfumes, I find his are the best so I will have to go and try this out now!


Lauren Piper said...

Aw, the bottle is so adorable!

megabeauty.blogspot.co.uk xx

Soraya Akers said...

I Love this perfume! Check out/ follow my bloghttp://fashionfalsetto.blogspot.co.uk

Cierra Monét said...

Such cute packaging!


Gunay akdenizli said...

I really need to try this!!
I love perfume,I cant go a minute without spraying some on!

Emma Trattles said...

love this perfume, although I prefer Viktor & Ralph Flower Bomb


Belle Bolton said...

Possibly the cutest perfume bottle, ever? Can always rely on Marc Jacobs for a good bottle!

Belle x
Mascara & Maltesers

Young and broke said...

I love daisy!!! I can't wait to try this one!!


Zoe said...

Such a cute bottle!xx

Tasneem said...

The packaging is really nice xx

Aimee said...

Amazingly cute packaging! =)

Jessica Hart said...

the bottle is so cute!!


Alice Dixon said...

I already have Daisy and have been wearing it for years, it's like my signature scent! It's gorgeous but if this is sweeter and more "vibrant" as you describe, I'd probably like this perfume a lot too! Thank you for a great post!
Alice x


Isabel said...



Monika Furmankova said...

Love this!

Also, the bottle is so cute.


kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com said...

Possibly the cutest perfume bottle ever :-)

thefashionsucker said...

That is the cutest bottle ever! I might have to give it a sniff next time I come across it x
Maria xx

Mel E said...

this is adorable, i was a die-hard 'Daisy' girl for a couple of years :)


Letitia Harriet said...

I've loved Daisy for the longest time and will be definitely be trying this when I see it in stores! <3

I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.


Fashinate Me said...

Lovely post! I'm sooo in love with your images! Your lense is stunning!

Tolu from FashinateMe x

cardiac said...

This sounds sooo good!and the bottle looks so cute!

LM Florian said...

I love it.

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


Mira Louise said...

love the bottle xx


Walk On The Style Site said...

the packaging is super funny! =)

Check out my latest OOTD :-)

Jay Santiago said...

I can't wait to try this perfume out,
I've been seeing it everywhere and am just waiting to try it out!



Brunette Wavez said...

Hi! The bottle looks so cute and I bet it smells amazing too! Really want to get it <3

~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.com

Khloe Lo said...

this is super pretty!! happy august!
check out my July favorites: http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3356

Alba - Petit Sweet Couture said...

omg! super cute bottle!!

Amanda L said...

love the bottle it is so amazing

ByMichaelaChristine said...

i want to try it so bad, DOT packaging is similar, just as gorgeous!!


Laura Neuzeth said...

Marc Jacobs makes my favorite perfumes EVER! I've literally loved every single one. Marc Jacobs, Daisy, Dot, Lola... I think you get the idea. I cannot wait to smell Honey! The bottle is absolutely adorable. :-)


Diana Horsfall said...

nice http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/07/back-from-vacation-and-choies-dress.html

claudia villanueva said...

Hi Sammi! You have a great fashion taste and your style is a big source of inspiration for me

I´m new to this and I was wondering if you could have a look to my blog


Laura said...

I really want to try this perfume! I love the bottle too, so cute!

Laura DemandBeauty <3

Melissa Ann said...

I've always wanted to try this perfume!!!!


Olivia said...

The bottle is so cute. Need to try this out soon.


Debra Bros said...

I love this perfume so much! If only it weren't so expensive. Goodluck to everyone who enters the comp :)


Emma-Jane Saunt said...

I'm loving this new perfume! It's the perfect balance between sickly and sweet for me - my perfect combination. However my sample is quickly dwindling so I'm going to have to purchase this beautiful bottle very soon! :D

emily hancox said...

I really want to try this out the bottle is amazing in its self!

I would love it if any one could check out my blog; I have only recently started and would be so grateful for any comments, suggestion or feedback.

thankyou, Emily x


Rania said...

omg! i love this perfume


Ash said...

I'm a hugeeeee advocate for Daisy. I had no idea this even existed. I will definitely try. Thanks for letting your readers know! (:


Erica said...

I have the dot perfume by Marc Jacobs and I absolutely love it! The packaging is so chic and I love to display it in my room. I'll definitely be trying this one out!

Check out my blog please <3


anna vaggeli said...

wonderfull.... http://fashionsugarstyle.blogspot.gr/

Lauren Megan said...

I really wanna try it the bottle is so cute!:)


Felicity Bright said...

your blog is amazing, and these photographs are stunning! defiantly interested in getting your camera, and your blog is such an inspiration:-) your gorgeous

touch of belle said...

Love marc Jacobs might just have to try this now!


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Anoeska Landzaad said...

I love this perfume!

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