Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Neon Beanie

Top - Topshop / Jacket - Topshop (& DIY) (Similar here) / Skirt - River island / Boots - Monki / Bag - Missguided / Beanie - Ebay / Small rings - Regal Rose / Necklace - Fashionology / Nails - Topshop Rainy day

Today I went to west end to see if I could pick up some winter staples, It was quite a successful trip, I even had to tear myself away from lots of things in many shops otherwise it would have been very painful on the old pocket! In Urban outfitters I always go straight to the SALE section and thats where I found all my UO bits today! Might show them in a haul soon =]

It was just warm enough for no tights today so I bared it all in the pins department, wore my newish RI skirt which I think is such a good bargain and for that 'pop' of colour I added a neon beanie - All the rage at the mo!

Sammi xx

(Oh also sorry about some of the images being blurry, The boy took the snaps and sometimes it went off the rails but he's lovely for doing it for me! Much better than a tripod haha!)


Yatri said...

LOVE this outfit!! love the beanie, gorj colour and the skirt! <3 x


Allie Metcalfe said...

My fave ever blogger :) Love everything you put together you always get it right! x

thebeautyheroes. said...

the neon beanie looks great on you hun ! x

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I absolutely love this outfit :D


vividiorquue said...

This outfit is perfect! I need to get myself a beanie :-)


Feel and love Fashion ♥ said...

You look perfect!

Temi said...

Such a great outfit! The skirt and jacket give such great texture and love the little pops of colour!


Eleanor said...

Love this beanie... tried to get one but they were sold out! :(

Anney said...

I wish it was cool out enough here to wear a beanie and jacket >.<

cute outfit :)

Samantha Jangira said...

I absolutely love this outfit! You look great :) x


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

Nice bag!:)


Kerry Smith said...

I swear I love every single outfit of yours! I have a very similar style to you, so you always inspire me with new ideas!

Grace said...

Absolutely beautiful!! That beanie suits you so much, i have one in that colour and i definitely don't look as good :( ya poop haha xox

FrancesCassandra♥ said...

I love beanie hats, and I'm collecting them in loads of different colours but I don't think I could pull off neon as well as you do!

Frances x


beth mckeever said...

definitely looking this outfit Sammi! Love the skirt too! :)

llrfx said...

No one I know can pull of a neon beanie quite as well as you do! Mwah x


CurrentLovesByNe said...

Hi Sammy!

I love this outfit!
So cute :)

xo Nê


Irina-Alina said...

I love love love your style! I am such a huge fan. And the beanie is love <3


India said...

wow i love this hat!!
you are one of my favourite bloggers :D xxx

Adela Sasu said...
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Adela Sasu said...

Super cute outfit Sammi :) I love the beanie but I could never pull it off haha It looks great on you though!

xoxo, Adela

rosieBxxx said...

I have the copy of that bag from primark haha :)

If anyone gets the chance please come visit me at my blog and follow? Leave me a comment to let me know you've been so i can check yours out too!



Electric Daisies said...

This outfit is perfect! Love the boots:-). xo


Hailey Williams said...

That skirt is so cute I can't get over it! Nice outfit :)

Nicole said...

This outfit is so nice really like your jacket :)

Chelsey said...

Love how you styled the leather skirt!

Lupus Heartbeat said...

Lovely as always! xx


Annie said...

love this outfit! great jacket, I'm looking for a similar one right now!:) always a huge fan!:)xo

♥ Natalie said...

You look so great!! <3


Alice said...

I love how effortlessly lovely this outfit looks :)

nnedi caroline said...

I really wish I could pull off a beanie, you always look good so effortlessly :( xo


Roxii said...

Been eyeing up that RI Skirt so I'm very jealous!


Rachel Hungerford said...

Love the outfit! xx

Deja said...

I love love love the beanie! Your outfits are always stunning!
xo Deja
Deja Zu

Bea said...

This is definitely one of my favourite outfits from you!

thestylejunkiee said...

this whole outfit is super cute <3

ThriftThick said...

Love your ankle boots; wish I had a pair like that!


Tanya said...

Now that is a pop of colour! Love the outfit so much and you look beautiful. x


Hola Bambi said...

Super cool outfit! I have a neon beanie tooo! Love it xx

lovelyxobsessions said...

IN LOVE!!!!!
Your style is AMAZING!
Shop Lovely Obsessions

Ariel | couturing said...

You look amazing! I'm trying to get myself a bright neon yellow beanie soon. I'm considering spiking it as well :)


Kaylyn said...

Loving the neon beanie! It's so cute! I totally want one know to contrast a black and gray outfit like yours. I would have never thought of getting one.

Style Infatuation

Amy N. said...

Love this outfit!!

Vizzily said...

that beanie looks perfect on you <3

please visit my blog xx


✿ Gina's Style Spot said...

That beanie and bag is great. So is the studded jacket! Lovely outfit <3

Nadia Simmer said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the beanie! :P


Ella said...

amazing! i have to say, after seeing how well you get on with beanies, you did instill the desire for a good ol' beanie in me. so when confronted with some handmade ones at a garage sale the other day... i got two!


Charlotte Anne Owst said...

Love the leather skirt and jacket combo and I'm desperate for some boots like this! You look gorgeous Sammi!

Charlotte xx

Lena said...

You look stunning. I really love the outfit :)



Abby said...

Looovee the beanie, gonna see if I can find one now! xo


Samantha said...

Such a cute outfit Sammi. I seriously love your style, you look gorge everyday.

I'd love it if you'd check out my blog - I'm from New Zealand and just getting into it, but you're the one who inspired me to begin.

NovellaPlace.blogspot.co.nz xxxx

Robyn said...

Really love your skirt! I bought a similar one from Internacionale recently but it's more of a discopant fabric :)!

Robyn Mayday

Uftade said...

i love your style Sammi !!

Nora said...

Love the outfit!

modession said...

Wow, such a perfect outfit! And the beanie is gorgeous :)


Rebecca said...

You're so cute! Love this skirt on you!!

Phoebe said...

I love my leather skirt, there are so many outfit ideas for it!


Samara C. Davis said...

The skirt looks so amazing on you.


Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Your outfit looks really cool, I just would wear a black or other colored bag with it :)

Cute Beanie! x

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

Cara Elder said...
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Lexi said...

love the beanie!!! such a cute look :)

I followed you -- follow me back? http://coffeeinstilettos.blogspot.com


Misha Sandham-Bains said...

Love you blogs :) Really useful and love your outfits:')

Follow my blog please :) I followed you: http://xmisschilliex.blogspot.co.uk/

Misha xoxo

francisdodson said...

I'm in love with this skirt! I want! You look lovely :) x

Jemma x said...

Love the outfit :) xxx


Lisa said...

LOoove this outfit!
Getting that skirt!

Luxe. said...

Aww so cute! Love the skirt x


Sarah said...

love the outfit, especially the skirt!

Sarah x

Aimée Moncur said...

Gorgeous outfit, wish I could pull off that edgy sort of look!


ylenia said...

Great look darling!
What about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!
I was also wondering if you would like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse on my online fashion magazine, it means that you will have your outfits published there!....write an e-mail at info.forerunners@libero.it to learn more!

Amy K said...

I love your blog. What do you think about following each other?

Much Love,

Jessica W said...

Perfect combo!
I love leather on leather :)

The Lovelorn

xflashinLITESx said...

nice bag... was thinkin of gettin one this wk!!

Winnie said...

I love this! :D
I always love the sale section at UO, hehe.

KSMITH said...

I can always count on your outfits to give me inspiration whenever I don't know what to wear! Your style is incredibly awesome.

Lauren Kealy said...

love beanies! they always add somethig different to an outfit, so happy it's autumn so i can wear all of mine :) lovely post


Justineclaire said...

Want that beanie, definitely think i might buy one x

Lily Kitten said...

Love it as always!


Tolu said...

Love this outfit, I bought a similar skirt and I have been stuck on how to wear it-
this has just given me some much needed inspiration :) x


Lulu Frances said...

sometimes i really don't know why i even bother writing a comment because i always want to say the same stuff :D you rock and you just have the best style :) loving this, as usual; and I'll need to get a beanie soon ;) xx

Andeep Kaur said...

I love the skirt! I can't seem to find it in RI but I found a similar one in New Look :)

outofashion said...

Such a fashionable but comfy look! Love it! :)


Anicajames said...

really beautiful outfit ! if you like come check out my blog at


xx Anicajames

Madd said...

love your beanie! ♥


kirsty said...

love the outfit :)

Kirsty x

Lovingiit said...

such a cute outfit!

Fashionista La Ebuu said...

Your style is awesome :)

Paige Wilkins said...

amazing blog!!! now following

Nathalie said...

Hi girl!
Love this outfit..
I'm your follower now!


Em. said...

Oh how I wish I could pull of hats as well as you.

Amazing outfit!



Charlotte said...

hey sam,
actually love this outfit, especially the skirt!
x x x


Olivia Noel said...

you're so coool. I love your shoes :)

Tia A. said...

Stumbled upon your blog today. I love it! It's refreshing.

ThisIsTia.com │ My Life In Black+White

Rosie Sienna said...

love love love this outfit! your blue ring is gorgeous too :) xx

vanilla nasta said...

<3 this outfit!!!!



pinkyliciousvita said...

cute yet flirty outfit
love the things u put together!

Charlotte said...

love this look! too cool
hope you don't mind but I featured you >here< in my looks of the week! simply comment there if there's a problem

- ordaining serendipity

Jennifer said...

Was looking for a decent slouch beanie for a good price and this hat is great! I'm obsessed with beanies and this hat meets my satisfaction, only I wish it was a little bigger and more slouchy..