Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Random treats + Makeup bits!

Traditional fudge from 'Fudge kitchen' in Windsor - Belgian chocolate swirl & lemon Meringue

Trying out some flavours from Vom fass

Olay beauty fluid, Catwalk conditioner, Sally Hansen mega shine both from TK Maxx

Modesty lipstick, Fix+ & Soba e/s

Makeup bag from UO

Today (and yesterday) I done a bit of cheeky shopping and strolled around some shops, I kind of wanted to go into shops I wouldn't usually go into and get a few different things hence the random food purchases! I also went into TK Maxx where I hadn't been for ages! found some gems ^_^

I tried some fudge from the Fudge kitchen as i'd heard so much about it and oh my gosh its amazing! If you are every in Windsor try it out! Ricky and I also found ourselves in Vom Fass which is a German store which sells liquors, spirits, oils, vinegar and lots more. We picked out some alcohol (don't judge me) to try, as it was something random & different!

I thought I would try the Olay beauty fluid, The girls/women in my family have used this for years and I thought i'd kind of go back to basics with my moisturiser & see if that works!

This Catwalk conditioner is my favourite so when I saw it in TK Maxx I nabbed it! Then at the counter I saw the Sally Hansen varnish and thought i'd also have that for only £2.99! (Not without a sigh from the guy on the till)

I had a few things on my MAC Wishlist & also had things to back-to-mac so picked up these bits! Saw 'Modesty' in Zara's video and HAD to have it! I wanted a mini fix+ to carry around & have wanted Soba for ages to use in my crease.

Lastly I'd been on the hunt for a new makeup bag & I saw this one in Urban outfitters, It was a tenner so I thought i'd have it! Such a lovely print and size.

Sorry if i've babbled a little too much Im just so used to chatting about everything i've bought like I do in my videos! haha

Thought i'd share =] Hope you are all well!

Sammi x


Vicky said...

I love the Tigi Oatmeal and Honey conditioner, makes hair so soft!!

AVY said...

It's cute that you babble :)



Ria said...

I picked up modesty a while back on Zara's recommendation, its such a nice everyday shade. That fudge also looks amazing!

Ria x

Laura said...

LOVE the makeup bag and that fudge looks amazing.

Jodie said...

You can often find a few good deals in TK max!
the lipstick is gorgeous.. I love the sally hansen mega shine top coat, it is amazing :)


Holly Jay said...

oh my god fudge kitchen!! me and my boyfriend are obsessed with it we sometimes buy it online coz we dont live near a shop haha its the tastiest thing ever! my fave is strawberries and cream im starving now haha.
Holly x

dugongsss said...

That make up bag is adorable! And I want to try the Mac modesty lipstick!


Sarah said...

loving the makeup bag :)


[a.bevis-smith] said...

omg that fudge looks amazing!!

ButterflEyes said...

Love your make up bag ! xx


Anney said...

The fudge looks so yummy!!

Soph. said...

Sounds like a really fun two days!

Xox Soph


Forever Fashion said...

Wow! that fudge looks amazing!! I love your blog/videos!!


GREEDS said...

Those sweets look amazing!


Merrybelly said...

I love soba eyeshadow!

Anete said...

Gorgeous make up bag :)


Loren. said...

That fudge looks SO good! And I really like the lipstick, such a pretty colour. x

snow. white said...

You picked up some great things :)



riya jain said...
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riya jain said...

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Sabrina said...

The lipstick is beautiful!xx

Abby said...

That fudge looks amazing :| I am so hungry now I've seen this haha. Really want to try Soba too :) xx


Samanthas Secret said...

I was in windsor last week for the royal horse show - I thought that Vom Fass sounded a bit bizarre - Vom??! Lol, I also went to the Fudge Kitchen mmmm!!! xx

Samantha's Secret

Kat said...

That fudge looks sooo good xx


Kathleen said...

follow me on bloglovin:

Miss_Sarahx said...
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Miss_Sarahx said...

The only beauty product my mum really swears by is the Olay Beauty Fluid & she eventually convinced me to give it a go about a year or so ago. It's the only skincare product that I've stayed with during all my branching out/experimenting with different skincare.
I really like it, it's nothing special (like you said, back to basics), but it does the job & is perfect for sensitive skin.

Miss Sarahx
Miss Sarah's Blog

Natacha said...

Belgian chocolates are the best ;-) Natacha Le poudrier doré

sophie said...

i want also to try the olay cream moisturizer!

sophie xx


Zara said...

Modesty YAY My fave :) xxx

rebekahhlouisee said...

www.rebekahhlouisee.blogspot.com xxx

MissJammyxo said...

Mmmm they look so good!<3
You're making me hungry!! :)


Hope said...

ahh sammi i've been to fudge kitchen in windsor! its so good! very jealous of your bits from mac xxx

wonderwall93 said...

That lipstick looks gorgeous!! Were the liquors any good? xo


Elizabeth said...
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Sundance Hudson said...

mmmmmh fudge... did you get the sally hansen from tk maxx?


Sarah said...

This conditioner is great and it smells like oatmeal cookie !!!

Elly said...

Love that lipstick !

Come follow me, I always follow back !
Strange Obsessions

ciaralovesfashion said...

i have soba! i really like it and get loads of use out of it, hope you do too!


Coco said...

Hmm, the fudge looks so tasty! I'm so upsassed that we don't have a 'fudge kitchen' here!
Your blog is so awesome!

Nicola said...

Love the colour of the mac lipstick and the cake looks sooooo good!


Shy said...

Is it bad I just want the mini fix+ because it looks cute? haha! :)



Laura said...

The make-up bag is so nice!

My mam used the Olay Beauty Fluid and I sometimes pinch it off her, must buy some of my own ha

Laura x

Kerry said...

I'm a big fudge lover and I can't believe they can come in flavours like this! I need more fudge in my life! x


xxShivvyxx said...

I got the Olay beauty fluid when my skin was really sensitive and i felt that everything was just aggravating it and it's really great! So light and moisturising enough without leaving me feeling like it's clogging up my skin! I also love that it goes on like a cream but then almost feels like i'm rubbing water onto my face it's so cooling! Look forward to seeing how you get on with it!



beauté camp said...

your lemon pie looks like a lush soap!



OreAkinwale said...

Can you give us a review on MAC eyeshadow, I like the colours but I'm not sure if their worth the price :S thanks


Lini said...

Had to laugh when I read 'Vom Fass' :D The fudge looks insanely delicious.

becky. said...

that make-up bag is beautiful, i love anything aztec :)
i'd love to see swatches on the mac lipstick too, looks like an amazing colour! xx

kirstyb said...

love the honey and oatmeal conditioner

Georgia Beee said...

Love the makeup bag! so cute, does it hold a lot?

ShoeTimesTwo said...

sammi, i love you soo much, please please please check out my blog!!!

xoxo p.