Winner of my giveaway!

Congratulations to SaraMing! [E-mail sent over to her now] chose this lucky lady =]

Thank you all so much for entering it really really helped knowing what you all like on my blog and what you would like to see more of =]

Please dont worry if you didnt win, this has made me want to do lots more giveaways! There is always another chance!

Thanks again guys, thank you for being such lovely, friendly, loyal readers! ^_^

Sammi xoxo


becky said...

congrats :)

Arrianna said...

haha, she's lucky!! ^,^

Naomi. said...

congrats to her :)

Sara Ming said...

Omg! I'm so happy!! Thank you so much! xxx

Dollyfaces said...

oOooo I'm jealous! Congrats x

M.rolez said...

love the palete !! :D
xoxo from spain sweet

Slater said...

Congrats :)

All Things Pleasant said...

aww congrats! :)

Kate said...

ahh i am gutted! to be fair, the main reason i liked this pallet was because of the imprints on each shade hahah it looks so perfect and waffle like so i probably wouldve eaten this before i used it.
cool giveaway, i'm excited for another one :)
kate x x

Daisy said...

congrats to her! :)
Thanks for the giveaway Sammi!

Sheridan said...

Congrats to her! And thanks for even running this giveaway to your viewers : )

Sabrina said...


Gre3n_DoTs said... please comment :) BTW love your blog <3 :)