Face of fashion No.4

Taken at LFW, stunning use of layering
Carnaby street, quirky and fun style
Covent garden, Minimal and block colour, gorgeous hair and stunning no-makeup face
Notting hill, Focus - coat and bag

Hope you like this this fourth instalment =]
I am going to be in London alot more this week and next trying to collect even more photos!
Also dont forget you can also send in your own style photos to;

hope your having a lovely day!

Let me know what you think of the outfits,

Sammi xoxo


ThaBu ♥♥♥ said...

love ur blog.such an inspiration <3

Keyta Hawkins said...

Loving the outfits, especially the first one! x

EllysMakeupbag said...

I adore the second girl, so pinup and cute!

Twiggy said...

Love your blog. Its the highlight of my day! <3

Antonette said...

these are all great fab looks

Ela said...

this was a really good post!
I've "lived" in london for 1 1/2 months and to be honest I haven't seen as many stylish girls there as in this post! lol
...or maybe I was just to focused on my own stuff ^^

I just started blogging. I would really really appreciate you checking out my blog :)

Cintia said...

I love this post! the first outfit is simply gorgeous!

ameliaguchi said...

love the top look! the layering is awesomeeeeee
enjoyed this post a lot

Harrriiiet said...

love lookin' at other peoples styles,
such an inspiration.

pinkyliciousvita said...

lov it...
beauty crush u r the one of the best person..

tonimacaroni said...

the second girl looks awesome!

Mrs. Mescudi said...

I love the last look alot...i could never do all black...

BespokeRose said...

i like the street style segments

silvia Navarro said...

so cute...=D
beautiful post!!!
love it!!!
now follow u

Charlie said...

i love the coats!!! LOVEE

Click ♡

Georgia said...

I love street fashion, you can get so much inspiration in your own style! :) X

♥Uffie♥ said...

I Adore your style. you're kind of my inspiration.

lots of love

Gina.Johal said...

so cool

Maya said...

the picture of the couple is a really great photo!

Estée said...

I love looking at these!

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