MAC Venomous Villans Blogger Event

(Im sure you recognise these gorgeous girlies! Shirley, Holly, Zara, Tali & Muhsine

Hey Dolls,

I was recently kindly invited to pop along to the first MAC blogger event over in Kensington, which previewed the new Villainous Villains collection which is being released next week. We had an exclusive look at the products and got to play around with them which was really exciting!
Firstly we were greeted and showered with gorgeous looking drinks and sparkly cupcakes and then we all sat and watched a demonstration on one of the cruella deville inspired looks from the collection which was carried out by a top MAC makeup artist who had just returned from the Milan fashion week (wow!)

She explained a little about the collection and explained step by step what she was doing, the look consisted of quite a few items many of us might have already such as the smoulder eye kohl pencil, so its quite achievable!

Afterwards we headed on upstairs to look at the collection and we could have our picture taken in the cruella deeville coat and could take a little polaroid back with us of the picture!

There were many mac artists around me and Shirley decided to ask to have our lips done, we both left with a bright red villainous lip! haha

We had chats with the artists and chats with fellow bloggers and Youtubers which was really exciting (I did get a little shy though because some of them are kind of famous to me! haha)

The evening was amazing and im SO glad i went, I want to thank everyone at mac for putting it together.
I have a few favourites from the collection and a few items that i probably wouldn't purchase, also I feel some items are similar to the permanent line ones but there are defiantly some gems.

We left with a bag containing 2 goodies, i also brought 2 items aswell as that. (The next post will be all about the mac products which i received and purchased)

Thanks for reading! ^_^


Dreams That Glitter said...

Wow what a fun event! Can't wait for this collection! :).


BespokeRose said...

Looks incredible

Mouldy Fruit said...

Your pics came out gorgeous hun! you and shirley seriously need to give me some MAJOR lessons! love it :) xxx

Ulaaa said...

Ahhh sounds like so much fun! All of you girlies look beautifullll! xxx


wow looks amazing! come follow

Holly said...

Snappy Snap tramps!!Lovely to meet you Sam :) xx

sikooky said...


can't wait for the follow-up review... :)

just wondering if you know when the collection will be available???


Miryam Oquendo said...

looks like a lot of fun :)

Muhsine said...

Nice pics :D lovely to see you! x

Samantha said...

@ mouldy fruit aw thanx!! haha we will do next time defo! xoxo

@Holly lool wowoo! u too, was fun! ^_^ xxx

@ everyone, thank you! xx

Cassandra said...

Looks AMAZING!! I really want some of this collection! Cant wait for it to come here!!

<3 Cassie

jules. said...

wow it looks amazing, how do you get invited to all these fab event hun?xx

ganjie said...

looks very fun!
+ the cupcakes are to die for ha <3

Charming Vanity said...

This looks like a really fun event. I love the collection. It's almost all sold out here in my country.


Amber said...

it's called venomous villain's.

Blanca1018♥ said...

Awww... how lucky! Looks like u had a blast!


It's A Girl Thing said...

omg i saw this collection and it looks amazing!
btw you two look gorgeous! :D

Dee Dee xXx said...

i'm soo excited for this collection, i haven't bought anything from MAC in the longest time, may go a little wild with this collection! x

BabyEpiphany said...

wow these look awesome, how do you get tickets to these events?

Jacquelyn said...

Amazing pics! Your red lip is gorgeous!! Venomous Villains is an amazing collection!

brunette1652 said...

where is your shoes from please???

Tali said...

Babe I love the pics! Pls pls can you email me the fullsized ones to when you have time?
We have to tramp outside snappy snaps more often ;) x

JodieMoores said...

Oooo looks like you had a really good time :D
i've just started... im kinda stuck on where to start :/ blogging... xx

Chanel =) said...

wow that looks AMAZING how did you get to be invited,,
i would love to be able to go to places like these.. x

YASMINE said...

Can't wait to see it at selfridges! love your tights by the way!

Sarah♥ said...

love your tightss,
i got them from primark but they ripped when i first tried them on!xx