Quick Little Notice

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hey guys I'll be posting an exciting blog in a little while but just wanted to say......
I have my own Domain name! yeyyy!!

Its now


*Happy dance*

I just got it this morning so, im not sure if it would make a difference to people vistiting the page..im pretty sure it wont but just incase, im letting you guys know!

Sammi xoxo


Laura Beth said...

Congrats! :)

Discombobulatedd said...

*Joins in with happy dance*


Farah said...

wow congrats!! I know i felt great when i got my own domain too ;) enjoy it!

Rachel said...

So exciting! Congrats!

HelloGorgeous said...

Sammi what is the color of that red rimmel lipstick in ur last post?


sugarbumpkin said...

oh gosh all that stuff looks so awesome! i wish i could get my hands on it. i'd love to do a swap with you some day but i'm kind of broke right now. anyways, i hope you will do a review on those brushes!

Anonymous said...



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