Saturday, 2 January 2010

My new STYLEPIXIE! (& for those who wondered)

As some of you may have noticed, i started another blog named STYLEPIXIE, this was about fashion and my looks etc,
I started it and then got extemely bored and didnt no what to post...ATALL!


I have a new Tumblr account which is named - Stylepixie

Its basically everything i wanted to post on my blog but what i knew would take aagess to loaddd or i didnt no how to explain it etc..Tumblr is great because its alot easier and its so quick and easy to use! So the link is:


Please check it out!!
And please follow me if u have an account that would be swell hehe ^_^

Much love! xoxo


Sillytoy95 said...

Did you change the URL ? I can't find it.


it says not found! =(

Mehak Iftikhar said...

Your Tumblr account shows no results and says NOT FOUND.

esha87 said...

Your Tumbler account shows untitled data. Please informed your new updates about Beauty Products