Friday, 27 November 2009

Theres a palette in the post! (lol)

Hey Dolls, yesterday i got a package in the post (super excited!) from Hong kong i opened it aaand it was my Manly 120 Palette that i ordered about a week ago.

I've never had a palette with more then about 8 colours so i was soo excited lol
I saw this palette reviewed by Fafinette and Heather123 so i thought it might be quite good because they seem to know whats good =]

It arrived in a soft brown package envelope and was wrapped in bubble wrap, so when i got it out of all of that i saw i had a brown pouch and a lovely shiny palette lol, the pouch consists of 7 brushes which are all quite soft and cute..a good travel size.

Finally I opened the palette and was amazed by all the colours, theyre lovelyy!! I was expecting the eyeshadows to be a little but bigger actually but then i thought..if theyre packing in 120 colours, how big could they be lol

Oooooh also, no colours were cracked/damaged atall =]

The colours are very good quality, very pigmented and vibrant, im not usually a fan of any shimmer but when I tried the colours that have a sheer to them I was soo happy because they actually look gorgeous. (Especially the browns)

So i've done a few swatches, I obviously couldnt swatch all of them (well it would just take ages lol) but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Thank you for reading! ^_^


Marce said...

Gorgeous palette! It's amazing how many looks you'll be able to do with it...thanks for the swatches. Oh, and the FOTD from below is stunning.

.MochaSista. said...

i was just looking for something similar by MAC but ive come to the conclusion that it will be way too expensive and when i saw this one i said to myself i must have it! pls do share!!!did u order from a specific website? if so which one and how much is it? i want one asap!!!

Sammi said...

heyaaa its from just search manly 120 palette, theyre usually shipped from Hong kong, around 17 - 20 pounds xx

.MochaSista. said...