Sammi on a rainy day

Hey dolls, Hope everyone is well!
Thought id show you some pictures that my bf took of me, i realy wanted to update stylepixiee and also i wanted to show u! I kinda threw this outfit together, it was pouring with torrential rain although u cant see, and it was freezing but i feel like theyre some okay pictures lol

Comment away!

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Allison Victoria said...

You look beautiful! lovin' the shoes!

Aliyah said...

what camera did you use?

Onyx said...

I love your style, very unique and original. xXx

Anonymous said...

your absolutely gorgeous.. very unique looking!
do family in your guyanese half have blue/green eyes?
i wonder how you came out with such pretty eyes?

tishajade said...

love the shoes

Sammi said...

wow thanx everyone, i didnt know i had all these comments! lol
used a Canon D400

My green eyes are from my mum..british side =]


masiecotton said...

you look really nice!

steph0188 said...

Love what ur wearing here! Ur hair looks lush too, the new short style def suits you though x

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