Saturday, 19 September 2009

Thriller LIVE!

Last night i went to see 'Thriller Live' in London for my mums b-day

It was AMAZINGG!! soooo good, if ur not sure which theatre production to see, definatly see this one!

Heres some pix from the night ^_^In the car exited on the way hehe

Above the theatre =]

Terrible pic after the show =[ lool

Tried to do some OOTD's for u guys! These boots are from New Look, theyre reali like masculine [womens boots] but i luv them ^_^ i wana try them with the tops turned over

Woah my make-up looks so dodgy..sorryyy!! eugh lol

So thats it for now, im moving into the new flat on Sunday [AHHHH!!] Its gona b so crazy so i might not be able to post for a while,
Also our internet is'nt installed for about 2 weeks [ =o ] which im not so happy about lol but hopefully i'll be posting somehow even though lol

Have any of you seen thriller? Watcha think about the OOTD?

Sammi xoxo


ohHUNNIEx3 said...

sorry its a bit late, but i just got my internet back and one of the 1st things i did was to come and watch all your videos i have missed out on. [:

but i really like your make-up you did in your random facts video & i was wondering if you could do a vlog about it please? =]

Anonymous said...

hey sammi (:

i was just wanted to request a look which is selena gomez's falling down video slivery eye make up look (:

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