My dieting tips video!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hey guys!

I recorded this today when i had some spare time in the car lol

Alot of my info on dieting and my tips, i hope you enjoy it!
[Sorry its a bit long haha]

Plleeassee comment on what you think!

What are your dieting tips and rules?

Sammi xoxo


Nicole said...

good tips :) i don't have the will power to stop eating carbs

Sammi Maria said...

lol ahh, u dnt have too, just switch them to brown ones! xx

Crystal Lynn said...

Hello love:) First of all i like to say i love your site! I followed you from Myspace, anyways I have been trying your diet, because i don't really like meat but i haven't had guts to stop eating it till i saw your video, i love all the tips but was wondering if you could share more about it, like more about what you can eat without meat & lots of carbs, also when you diet do you workout? thanks<3 I'm also purchasing the Skinny Bitch book to help me too:)

albina N muro said...

If you wanted to know how I did it, and how I intend on maintaining my current weight, then these 50 weight loss tips are for you. Dieting Demystified


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