Thursday, 10 September 2009

In's and Out's ^_^

So my In's and Out's this week ladies, are:

- Recording New Youtube Videos
- Autumn = Cozyness, Halloween, uni
- Body Shop Vanilla Eau de parfum
- Finishing work this week
- Disney Songs
- Moving into our new flat
- Dieting
- District 9
- Inglorious Bastards

- Mosquito Bites from holiday =[
- Myself keeping on changing my hair
- any negativtity
- No more BB to watch!
- Waiting till next year for Toy story 3
- Not having buckets of money lol
- not getting round to exercise
- Junk food / Sugary food / White Carbs


Eugenia said...

very cute outfit. shoes!!!!

Rai said...

Mosquitoes are THE WORST!
I'm so excited for the Fall, which is a first. lol SHOPPPPPPPPPIGN! =D

Sammi Maria said...

lloool same i cant wait to shop for the new trends for winter =D