Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bye Bye Marbella!

Hey everyone! im back from Spain woo! Heres some pix from the week,
It was good but i dont think there was much to do apart from Beach it up for a week lol but was very pretty!

Do you like my new hair? *blush* so short for me!

Being silly lol

A morrocan insisted on taking this lol

Id had some drinks b4 this lol

oop goofy

I feel like ive been away from Blogspot foreverr!! Alot more blogs to come guys =]
And video blogs too!
Its my last week of working this week [YESSSSS!!!!!]...i hate working lol
We move into our flat at the end of the week! so probably alot of silly vids once we get settled in there haha [ooh the loft scares us coz we think the creepy man next door lives there or something =\ ] lol

Oh if any of you have msn and might want to add me its ^_^

No creepy men! just my lovely readers please lol

Ive got loads to say but i'll leave it for other posts!

Please comment!!

Sammi xoxo


Rai said...

Your hair looks neat!
Spain looks lovely. I never went there before, but my sister has.

I adore your outfit in the 3rd photo.

Niika said...

looks like u had fun, i love ur fringe sandals

Anonymous said...

Great pics.. is that your step or half sister?

aim=ffranchiseboy1 said...

gorgeous pics....make sure you coment back!!

Sammi Maria said...

its my half sister we have different dads

Olivia Claudia-May Brown said...

You look amazing, glad you had a great time <3