Sunday, 26 July 2009

My first Video! ^_^

Hiiii this is my FIRST video! Im still shy in front of the camera lol but im just saying hi and what i would like to vlog about, Hope you like!
Please comment with suggestions/opinions/questions


Rai said...

To answer your question: I used bronzer to get that glowly look.

You should vlog about stuff you purchases, too! They call them hauls. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

do a video on fashion.. like your favourite dresses or something.

penelope louise said...

re upload the video if you can! its gone and im thinking of starting a youtube chanel n its my first night on blogger and twitter -'.'-
i need some tips so i don;t feel so alone and embarassed ):

could you please inbox me on facebook!/profile.php?id=680688899
or make a youtube video on how to start up a youtube chanel :) pretty please ? :3

MizNya said...

oh wanted to c this video so much :(