Sunday, 5 July 2009

i <3 Make-up

O lord i havent updated for aaaaaagessss,
Anywho im going to start blogging more..(again) lol
Im studying makeup atistry and have always LOVVEDDD
make-up styles, different colours and shades and shapes.
I've been thinking of doing tutorial videos but im not sure! lol - Has amazzinggg tutorials, luv it =]

hmm..I wanna be more experimental with makeup as i always go for the
black line on the eyelid...time for a change!


Alli Clarke said...

i love your blogg! its so cute

whybechi420 said...

shes my friend on myspace you might like she does makeup

Samantha Maria said...

ah thanxxx =] x

whybechi420 said...

i found another friend