Friday, 27 March 2015

Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao

I finally did it, I purchased a Jo Malone fragrance. I had been eyeing the Jo Malone counter in Selfridges for around a year but really wanted to take the time to smell everything properly and make a good decision because i'm usually in a rush whenever I spot the store/counter.
In the end I picked up this little gem - 'Blue Agava & Cacao' from the airport, after 15 minutes of comparing around 10 different scents (I was still in a rush but thought...sod it!) and I am still as in love with it as I was from the first whiff. 

I am definitely not the best at explaining scents so here is the explanation from the website;

'The rhythm of Latin music -- sexy, edgy and persuasive. Fresh limes and zesty grapefruit dance over a heart of blue agava flower. Sea salt cuts through the primitive rawness of cacao to reveal the sensuality of vetiver, cinnamon and musk.'

What I can try to do though, is to explain how it makes me feel when I am wearing it.
Which is carefree, floaty, whimsical, sexy, exotic, sweet, sensual, attractive and just generally happy. 
How amazing is it when a scent actually makes you...happy?! I find this scent very unique, I haven't smelt anything else like it on the market and thats what makes me want to explore more from Jo Malone. 

Go and give it a sniff if you're ever passing by and are, like me, addicted to perfumes. If not to buy then just to have the pleasure of experiencing the scent for a second or two! 
The scent lingers on my skin still smelling fresh and light for a good few hours (they tend to disappear on me quickly usually) and isn't the packaging just divine? I'm so glad I spent a bit more too and went for the big bottle - So worth it!
Remarkable scent and I am now newly hooked on Jo Malone.

Sammi x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


An errands outfit (minus the heels), I love these jeans, they are quite different to the tighter style I usually wear but I feel great in them and I think they look quite smart. I like to mix up heels with more casual items like this white tee but I sometimes chuck my converse in my bag too for when my feet might give way! Then i'm always a fan of a touch of leopard print ;)

Top / M&S
Jeans / ASOS
Pumps / Zara
Bag / Topshop
Coat / Zara (sale)

Sammi x

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Last night I had one night in central London. I stayed with my sister at The Hoxton Holborn which was such a stylish, trendy, modern and friendly experience. I highly recommend staying there if you are visiting (this is not sp!) Great cocktails too - They're right next to Chicken shop, The Holborn grind & 'My old dutch' which is supposed to be SO yummy.

Dress / Free People via. Urban Outfitters
Bag / Zara
Heels / Urban outfitters

I have wanted to blog about this dress for such a long time. It is from FreePeople and the quality is impeccable. Great for the transition months because the material is just heavy enough to keep you somewhat warm.
I paired it with a recent fringed Zara find and my black heels as they were the only ones I had with me!
We sipped cocktails, hopped on a rickshaw across town and then partied the night away at 'The Box' in Soho - an amazing 24 hours!
(It was all thanks to Origins and the release of their new 'Original Skin' which I have been
genuinely loving - More on it soon! Thanks for having us!)
Sammi x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Heels Office 
Bag Zara 
Glasses Retrosuperfuture 

This look was very unplanned. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Dubai recently and on my last day there I had a little free time so naturally...I headed to the beach. 
The day before, I had bought this gorgeous dress from a store called OYSHO which I discovered in the Dubai Mall. 
The print caught my eye straight away and the material is so soft. So I went to the beach in what I would call my 'city mid-heels' and a little black bag!
Dubai was Stunning, I have never been anywhere else quite like it. 
I have a vlog up of the whole trip if you wanted to check it out here
Sammi x