Saturday, 13 September 2014


On weekdays I am usually hopping on and off of trains on the underground, making my way around London, if I'm not at home working or filming
(or walking the dog?).
I had a meeting in Shoreditch and went for another simple look, I have to say i'm loving this slouchy blazer at the moment. It is the prefect hybrid between a striking, clean, tailored look and a casual 'just threw this on' look.

Glasses are from a random stall in Camden market

If you are yet to take to the London underground here are my three tips, Know where you're going, be fast & layer, because you never know when you might get hot running around down there...or get stuck standing next to a great big sweaty, smelly man. (Which would in turn not be great for your own heat problem)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Who hasn't heard about this little gem? (if you haven't, well now you have!) Dirty burger is part of the chain which also boasts Chicken shop & Pizza east, they're based in Kentish town but are popping up in more areas now too like Shoreditch.
We had tried Chicken shop before and I was less then impressed with the fried chicken (again maybe I just had a bad batch) but we (Jason & I) were itching to get our hands on a Dirty burger.

It's hidden away in a shack behind Pizza east, it is TINY but I guess the idea is that a lot of people would the burgers to take away. If you stay, which we did, you can have a seat at the window or round a large wooden table so we did just that and waited for about 10 minutes for our order to be prepared.

They also do 'Dirty doughnuts'...I had to restrain myself a little. 'No...burgers will be enough!'

Quick little bag snap as I waited, I got this new scarf from COS the other day and am in love! Its so soft. The little poison box is from a little shop in Spitalfields market.

Bag - Urban Outfitters / Scarf - COS / Purse - MarcB

I had the Cheeseburger and Jason had the Dirty bacon. They were big, cheesy, soft, mourish, flavourful, well-cooked and undoubtedly dirty. It was a messy affair but SO worth it.
It was such a treat after being let down by Shake shack! The brioche buns were soft but crisp and light, the meat was cooked a perfect medium and cheese oozed out in every direction. The dirty bacon was the same and wasn't dotted with a few bits of bacon but had a thick slice of hearty bacon inside.

I also have to say, the sides were incredible, The chips were good, but they weren't my main point of focus. The 'Onion fries'...oh my! They were mouth watering - Just what onion rings should be like, plus they were sprinkled with freshly grinded salt & pepper which gave an amped up flavour.

I definitely recommend Dirty burger if you haven't been yet, I do think it is worth the hype!

Let me know what you thought too if you have been!

Sammi x

Monday, 8 September 2014

The last piece of summer

Top - Brandy Melville / Shorts - Rokit / Flip flops - Havaianas / Hat - Urban Outfitters / Bag - Topshop

I figured this would be the last post of mine which will look remotely summery for this year - I'm not too sad about that as my favourite season is autumn, but anywho, what do you know it - another Malta outfit!

I was scrolling through my iPhoto and realised that I had taken some outfit photos that I had totally forgotten to post! Just a simple everyday look, we were strolling through the nearby town (Probably looking for somewhere to eat, thats pretty much me 24/7)

I grabbed my wide brimmed hat for the day to help shield me from the rays!

Sammi x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shake Shack

I was running some errands and also had a meeting in central London - it was a fairly warm day so I thought simple top, leather shorts, converses for comfort and then smarten the whole thing up slightly with a slouchy blazer (I did say slightly)

This outfit was perfect for the day, I often miss-dress for the unpredictable weather but today went well! I think it was a good mix of looking put-together but also casual. You could easily replace the converse with black heels to make it into a nighttime look.

Here is the the exciting bit...I visited Shake Shack!

From what I know, Shake Shack is an American company and they are dotted all around the states, I had seen so many people talking and Instagramming about Shake shack since it landed in the UK that I had rather high expectations.

There are about 3 seating areas in the centre of covent garden surrounding it, so you go and order, you get a buzzy-thing, and when it buzzes you go and collect your food from the kitchen.

After a wait of about 5 minutes we scooped up our food, took some pictures and chowed down.

I have to say I was disappointed (The picture below was my very first bite), now, it LOOKS amazing! It might be that I just made the wrong choice on the menu but for such a small menu there shouldn't really be anything abysmal on it (and for all the fuss).
I went for the Shack burger and cheesy fries. The burger was pretty much like a Macdonalds burger but a lot dryer and without a lot of the taste (and thats saying something).
The fries however were pretty good, obviously calorific but you're not going to SS for a healthy meal! I much preferred them and if I do go again i'll also try their concretes as i've heard they are good.

All in all...I wouldn't rush there, I believe it is overhyped and the verdict from the Smoke shack (burger with applewood smoked bacon) was also that it was poor and without much flavour.

Good if you're super hungry and need a quick fix but I MUCH prefer Five Guys! < (Link to my previous post on it)

I thought I would share anyway, I love to give my two cents!

Sammi x