Sunday, 1 March 2015


Dress - Topshop
I'm not shy to wear bare legs pretty much all year round and to wear dresses and skirts often because my legs are one part of my body which I have always cherished and always looked after. 
Here is something I have tried out recently as a new part of my 'leg-routine'. Usually I just grab a razor so this was a new venture!
This is the Braun Silk-epil 9, Now, I was a little apprehensive at first to use an epilator because i've heard quite a few stories about them being quite painful so I held my breath...and just took the dive. 
Now its not painless, but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it might be and not as bad as the stories I had heard.

It has two speeds, it also has a bright LED light which makes it easier to see exactly what area you are covering. You can use it dry or wet (I'm yet to try it in the shower). I think the reason it is more pain-free (they also say the more you use it the less pain you will feel in the long run) is because of the 40% wider head - it plucks more hairs than others, so ultimately you don't have to use it as long. 
This one also has wider, longer tweezers which increase the performance. 
What I find to be the most useful feature is that it plucks up 4x shorter hairs than wax. I hate that in-between growth time and to just whip an epilator out when you really need to be silky and smooth is brilliant. 

It also comes with a face epilator and a cleansing brush so you can use the epilator body and then attach the face piece for a deep exfoliation. It is a very clever design!  

Let me know what you all think of this too - I for one am genuinely glad i've ventured into the world of epilators because they're not as scary as they may seem and that is gospel because i'd hate to mislead many people if they really were extremely painful!

The Silk-spil 9 is available at Boots and Retails from £149.99 

Sammi x
*This is a paid for advertorial

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


This week I was kindly invited to the Mulberry Studio to have a peek at the AW '15 collection. Needless to say, I fell head over heels for one particular little number... This is the Mulberry Roxette, isn't she a beaut? This bag is modelled after the classic 'Roxanne' and is a play-on-words of the original name. 
I don't own a designer bag yet (sob) but when I do begin to, i'm sure this one will be one of the first. It is a thing of structured, strappy, undeniable beauty. Victoria from Inthefrow & I took a little tour of the stunning showroom based just off of high street Kensington. She also was kind enough to take these pictures for me. 
We were both in our element among all of the unique & classy designs on show. We also bumped into the lovely Rose from The Londonder (A blog I avidly read!) so I had to ask for a quick snap, also with her friend Valentina, I also loved what they were wearing! It was such a lovely morning, thank you to Mulberry for having me, I now have another item on my wishlist, come onnnn AW. 

 Jumper - Allsaints / Skirt - Petite bateau (VIA. U/O) / Heels - Zara / Bag - Mulberry Roxette

Sammi x

Monday, 16 February 2015


Cocotte Pouch (Handmade in France) - Etsy
I thought I would show a little delve into my makeup bag because its forever changing around and I always LOVE having a snoop into other people's makeup bags! I was browsing Etsy the other day and I am usually so particular with makeup bags but I saw this and went straight to the checkout!
Here are some things I use day to day and always shove into my bag to take with me.  
This is my newest product so I am still trailing it but I am loving it so far. Great build able coverage, a good colour match for me if a little light but has a natural brightening finish. Would recommend so far. 
My favourite lipstick of the moment. It is described as a chic natural berry which is spot on. I find its a flushed, sexy, defining & naturally deep shade which I love for everyday because its not as intense as a red and isn't as bright as usual berry shades. Its also buttery soft.
This isn't always in my makeup bag, it would only be in there if I need to do my makeup on the go but I have been enjoying this a great deal lately. I find it is a medium to full coverage and you need a light hand as it can quickly become too thick but I mix it with illuminating fluid. Great everyday and/or night out foundation. 
A great little nude lipgloss to have and to chuck in your handbag. Its a flattering and plumping natural nude shade and would suit many skin types. Its not too sticky and lasts a good amount of time too. I also love the packaging! 
This is a well-known product for a good reason. I wouldn't say it 'perfects' your lips exactly but it gives a lovely subtle comfortable gloss and the colours are very flattering. It also smells delightful. It is worth the money and I am craving this in more shades already!
Nothing to yell about but these are very handy little liners to have around. They come in a great range of shades and I wear them on their own without lipstick most of the time. I carry this around incase I ever want to chuck on a deep berry, sexy lip shade.
This is a great lengthening and volumising mascara from the get-go, whereas with alot of other mascaras I like to let them dry out a little before they get good, this one doesn't take long to have an effect. Its a thick brush so not great for catching the small lashes but it packs a punch. 
I pop this in my bag for anytime when I may want to jazz up my eye when i'm on the go. Its lightweight and is so easy to use because its easily blend-able and the colour is a bronze natural shade. 
Left to right: CT Bond girl lipstick, Loreal Nude ballet, Sephora pencil in 761B & Bobbi brown in Golden Bronze 
I have been using this recently in place of or alongside my Bobbi brown corrector which comes in a pot and this is easier to blend underneath the eye. It comes in the same shade which matches perfectly and it feels much lighter on the skin than the pot version even though i love that too. This will be perfect for summer.
This is a product I had wanted to try out for a long time and so I keep it in my makeup bag at the moment while i'm still testing it out. I love this so far. Extremely light consistency, great for brightening up ender the eyes but I actually use this on other areas of my face too. Its great for touch ups during day because of its lighter consistency, you can apply a good amount and it will never look cakey.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish pressed powder (8 Soft honey)
If you want to set your face for the day without looking flat and powdery, or to touch up during the day without adding anymore heavy product or colour to your face then this is for you. I am hooked on this and its a holy-grail product for me! Its oil-free, Oil absorbing and its also lasted me a very long time. Its the best setting powder I have used. 
I hope you liked this little peek into my makeup bag, let me know of any other products you have to have with you and that are great to carry around during the day!

Sammi x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Dress - H&M / Coat - Monki / Boots - Allsaints / Scarf - Brandy Melville / Bag - Urban Outfitters 

I don't know about you guys but I'm really ready to start wearing dresses again now, I miss the freedom, the ease....and the weather!
Its still freezing here but I found this vest-dress (?) in H&M the other day and because its quite long I decided to whip it out, layering it with a warm coat and cosy scarf. 
A good trick is to wear thermals underneath and some good thick socks, I'm just so impatient for spring! 

I found it fun to play with lengths - dresses of this cut I don't wear too often. Its nice to mix things up a little.

Sammi x