Saturday, 22 November 2014


Jumper Dress - ASOS / Bag - Zara / Boots - Urban outfitters (a long time ago!)

 A little while ago I was in Hoxton to run a few errands and to grab a spot of lunch. I love this area, Its not very big but Box park has lots to offer and there's a small street food section tucked away where we had lunch & of course, lots of coffee shops!
We grabbed lunch at Yalla Yalla (Which is Beirut street food), I had a veggie affair - falafel, tabbouleh, hummus etc which was very tasty, I was a little deflated after trying to give my order to the slightly short-tempered man serving but the food made up for it! 

I recently bought this jumper dress from ASOS and I am in love with it, it was a slightly warmer tone than it looked on the site but I actually don't mind that too much. Its SO warm and is a perfect length. Another current love is this bag from Zara which I got while in Paris, It hasn't left my arm and is a perfect little Mary-poppins kind of bag.

Happy Weekend! 
 S x

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Last week we took a short journey to 'Far Rockaway', a Bar/resturant in Shoreditch. When you peek at this place as you walk past, it bellows out with graffiti art, neon lights & massive tasty-looking pizzas purched on table tops with an array of interesting characters inside. I was chuffed to finally try it out.
 But first.....Coffee.   

Goodhood is fast becoming one of my favourite stores, it is more of a boutique, with a collection of well designed, well cut, fantistically eclectic clothes and accessories for the taking.
 I only go once in a while as its quite pricey but also downstairs is a collection of homeware complete with coffee bar, so we got our fix!

We sat with our friends and watched the rugby game (England v New Zeland). I'm quite new to the world of rugby so I found it quite fun and entertaining! A few minutes in, we got our drinks and then the food came, We were all SO hungry and couldn't wait to chow down! 

My friend A.J and I went for the hot dogs (had half of each others - a normal one and a chilli dog, I preferred the normal) We also had chicken wings and legs for the table and pulled pork fries. I wouldn't recommend the wings, the sauce is quite different to anything else i've tasted and some may like it but it wasn't for us! However THOSE FRIES....damn! 

It was all quickly devoured, we watched the rest of the game with a few drinks and then headed home to get ready for a night out - I absolutely loved the whole atmosphere of the place. 
It has a U.S vibe but is even brighter, quirkier and more playful than most bars in the states that i've been to. 
Its such an amazing hybrid of the Shoreditch art and creativity and the American food, service and oversized everything (the bigger the better!) 

I'd recommend it! 

S xx 

Top - Monki / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - Vagabond / Coat - Pull&bear (Over a year ago)

Saturday, 8 November 2014


The lovely ladies at Birchbox sent me an email a few weeks ago asking if I would like to join them on a trip to Paris to discover a new brand, more of the city, find out more about an already loved one of mine and to spend a little free time there too - Resistance was futile! 
We hopped onto the Eurostar at 7am, arrived in Paris and pulled up at the Birchbox Parisian office to meet the lovely ladies there and try out their new beauty vending machine. (It was so cute - and full of essentials!)
We then had a little rest in our hotel room where a gift was waiting for us from the new brand Huygens, I had a little sniff off all of the products in the box (gorgeous!) and then it was time to head out again to a delicious lunch next to the louvre. I had Butter lemon Seabass accompanied by the most Moreish French bread, butter and some crisp white wine.
We then stopped at Caudalie where we leant more about their products, the brand itself and then we each had a facial - It was my first one and it was such a calming, sensual experience, the woman who did it made me feel so at ease and was so gentle, warm and friendly.
I woke at 8am, jumped in the shower and then swiftly jumped back out after hearing a tap at the door where I was presented with a tray of breakfast, so I sat on the bed and munched through some croissants, yoghurt and sipped on a cappuccino. Then I got dressed and went downstairs to meet the others & go on to visit the new brand 'Huygens' at their store in La Marais.
I have more detail in my vlog of the trip and I will talk about these products more in the future but right now i'll just say that the store was incredible, the smell will make you want to stay forever. You have a whiff of all of their aromatherapy scents which range from uplifting, balancing and soothing onto aphrodisiacs. You can then mix your chosen scent into whichever body product you choose or they have pre-made products with the scents applied already and face products too (which are much less scented).
 I came away with about two boxes of products (they do candles too!) and I can't WAIT to try them all! I have to add that the men in the store were incredibly helpful, informative and passionate about everything in-store and don't pester or pressure you in a way that a lot of stores of this nature do sometimes. They were very polite.
After lunch we were told that we were having a Chocolate tour of paris, My heart skipped a beat! I love paris, I love chocolate, I love walking around the area...*insert scream*
 We only had a little time before jumping back onto the Eurostar but we still learnt about the artisan chocolatiers & what they were known for in particular, we visited Angelina where I tasted the best hot chocolate I'd had in my life and I also tried a white truffle macaroon (above) which was a very interesting experience.

 I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted to but again I did vlog whilst being there too and i'll be talking about the products in more detail soon but I always have to share everything as much as possible when visiting Paris!
Its one of my favourite places in the world and I want to say a HUGE thank you to the girls at Birchbox for making these two days possible, I couldn't be more appreciative and it was so nice to spend some time with the blogger girls too who were on the trip with me, it was such a lovely clan!

 (I didn't get to take pictures of my outfits whilst there which I'm gutted about! sorry guys! But I'm working on more outfit posts now as I have my photographer/boyfriend back on the mend, bless him!)

 Happy Saturday!
 S x

Monday, 3 November 2014


Warning: Chipped nail close ups...whoops!
Sometimes I am sent through new items of makeup to try out however, I never want to bog down my blog with product review after product review but when these landed on my doorstep I knew they HAD to make a little appearance!
Eyeliner / Liquid Liner / Mascara / Oxblood Lipstick
Knocking about here we have some gorgeous Burberry eyeliners (storm grey & Jet black), a brow pencil and pen liner. 
Then the Burberry lipstick in 'Oxblood' (My most favourite of colours) and their Mascara which is great for lengthening and separating. 
Here we have some items from MAC's new 'Heirloom Mix' range - a selection of sophisticated, rich and striking shades.
We have the new gorgeous rosy/plum Mineralize blusher in Sweet Sentiment, Lipstick in 'Salon Rouge' and the Cremesheen glass in 'Social season'. 

The lipgloss and lipstick from this range are what i'm wearing in the top photo and I think they compliment each other very well, The only thing about the lipgloss is that you can feel the sparkles on your lips but that is really the only complaint I have with any of these products.
I've been using the burberry eyebrow pencil on my brows recently and i've tested the liners which are ridiculously creamy and blendable. 

Such lovely products to add to my makeup collection and they're all of such amazing quality.
We all get a little excited when new makeup is in the house right? ^.^
S x