Monday, 29 June 2015


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I was having a browse online and it occurred to me that I haven't done a post in a while with some of my picks for the season.
This is a BooHoo edit - I would love to do more of these and I can do them from different places online - let me know where you would like me to pick from!
These are pieces which you could take on holiday, wear on warm sunny British days or you could dress yourself with for a summer party/cocktails.
Sammi x

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Earlier this week we tried something a little bit different...Something...South American
A short walk from Selfridges, down on Thayer street you will find a doorway to a beautiful, airy, Capricious Peruvian-British restaurant named Pachamama.
 {If you want to see our trip in video form vlogged it here} We went for a spot of brunch as its a beautifuly lit, tucked away little mid-day food spot.
It was one of the hardest menus to choose from! There were some foods which I had never heard of but the accommodating waiters are quick to explain everything to us and give their personal recommendations.
They do small plates and bigger plates - Perfectly designed to share around your group or if you are a bit of a 'Joey' like us, then a small plate and a large plate to yourself will work just fine.
I went for the Salmon, beetroot & Avocado Ceviche & The Smoked Brisket, Plantain Hash, aji HP
Jason went for the Pan Con Chicharron (Voted London's best burger) & Prawn, squid, Quinoa Chaufa (Chaufa: A Peruvian fried rice dish)
I went for the Salmon, beetroot & Avocado Ceviche & The Smoked Brisket, Plantain Hash, aji HP
Jason went for the Pan Con Chicharron (Voted London's best burger) & Prawn, squid, Quinoa Chaufa (Chaufa: A Peruvian fried rice dish)
Now I know I get excited about things very often, but that doesn't mean that I'm overselling anything or blowing things out of proportion - The Smoked brisket was one of the TASTIEST meals I have had in London, It was extremely soft, the flavour was so rich and tangy, what topped it off was the Plantain.
Growing up with a Guyanese family/grandmother, I have such fond memories of her cooking and the smells that would emanate from the kitchen. This juicy plantain brought it all back. (Its hidden under the sauce in the picture.)

Jason gave very good reports from over from his burger, he says it was delicious, the only thing wrong was that there was Coriander inside and this reminds me, I had to pick out some coriander from the dishes too as it is one of the only tastes I despise!
So if you're like us then just be sure to ask for it to be prepared without Coriander as most of it was only on the top or easy to take out anyway.

I tried some of Jasons Quinoa Chacha too and it was extremely tasty, such a healthy yet totally satisfying lunch dish.
I also have to give a little shoutout to the 'Regents Park' Rum-based cocktail, divine!

I am itching to go back to Pachamama, The place is so exciting for the senses, even just to look at. It is such a beautiful location with a main room but also little rooms tucked away for more private meals or drinks.

Thank you for having us!

Sammi x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Shirt - Urban Outfitters | Skirt - Petite Bateau | Jacket - Rokit | Bag - Zara | Shoes - ASOS | Watch - Urban Outfitters

Another day, another trot around Soho, We always find ourselves here!
I love Soho though because it just has everything, great food, great fashion shops and its great for people-watching (the most important, of course)
It was another one of those stuffy london days, it wasn't cold but wasn't particularly hot so I went for a bit of layering, accessorising with matching colours and of course a touch of metallic. (because I am obsessed with these shoes!)
Sammi x

Friday, 19 June 2015


Get ready for a photo-heavy food focused post!
So Jason and I had the lovely opportunity to head down to West Thirty Six in Notting Hill to chow down in the decadent restaurant

So we sat, got a few drinks in, delved into the menu (which made it very hard to choose!) and then went for these mouth-watering starters. Crab Trifle and chicken wings.
Jason and I have both declared these are the best chicken wings we have ever had (We wouldn't say that lightly) They were slightly crispy on the outside, steamy and tender on the inside - just downright flavourful and extremely well prepared.

Jason went for the Grilled Lobster...

We went for a side of Mac & Cheese to share..

And I went for the ribs (we got the full rack with intentions of sharing but we both got full so quickly, look at the size of these juicy ribs!)
Their full rack of ribs could easily cover around 3 people, they were very soft, they fell off the bone and the sauce was delicious too.
There is not really a bad word I can say about this place. the food was of very high quality, was presented beautifully and the staff were very helpful - my only regret was eating too much and not having room for dessert!

Top - Goodhood | Skirt - ASOS | Shoes - ASOS | Long Cardigan - Forever 21 | Bag - ASOS

We took a few outfit snaps. It was a very stuffy and warm day in London so this longline vest from Forever 21 was perfect - still covers you up a bit but is light and airy.
Highly recommend this restaurant, even if its just to gawk at the intricate interior design!
It would be a great place to go on a first date because the atmosphere is very laid back, yet stylish and classy. Theres lots to look at and chat about.
You can sit at high tables, nab a nook or cranny on any of the 3 floors or go with a group of friends and fill up one of their massive round tables with plenty of space spare.
Thanks for having us West Thirty Six!

Sammi x