Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This is me getting ready to chow down in Cafe Rouge
(Here are some more things i've been chomping on recently)

not food but a nice photo ^.^

1. Moules Frites in Cafe Rouge - This was for lunch and they were SO good, some of the best I had had before. I even sipped on the sauce afterwards!

2. Baked trout at The Ham Yard hotel - I went for a lovely lunch meeting here and I had the fish which was amazing, it flaked so softly and easily. They also came around with warm bread rolls before the meal and my carb-monster reared its head - mmm!

3. A Saturday breakfast, Costa coffee and an almond croissant from M&S.

4. The usual suspect - Superfoodies granola with blueberries and oat milk for breakfast.

5. Carbonara, one of my new favourite pasta dishes, so bad but SO good! I just try to manage my portions well. (I also added M&S artichoke on the side, obsessed with them recently)

6. A homemade snack/brunch - Cherry tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. Sesame seed crackers on the side with a coffee (not pictured)

7. I regularly visit The Elgin for lunch or a coffee, this was mid-dogwalk. I had a soya cappuccino with a croissant as I wasn't too hungry, but I seriously have a weakness for pastries. Working lunches here are splendid and they allow dogs!

Hope you've found this interesting, again let me know if you like these 'weekly eats' posts and i'll keep them up!

Sammi x

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Stop the presses. white? 
Uh huhhhh - I know that all white outfits have been very on-trend for a while now but I am more of a fiend for everything black. However I love outfits with white jeans, so I thought why not step out of my comfort zone a little.  

Top - Zara (Similar)
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Sandals - Doc Martens 
Bag - Vivistyle
Kimono - Missguided (Similar)

This is such a simple and casual outfit, quite comfy and great for summer (Although I would wear this in winter too). I went for a bright red lip which is MAC's relentlessly red as I thought it would bring that small pop of colour. 
I'll be honest I did feel very strange in this much white but on the other hand I really love how it looks and I'm going to look into creating more outfits with white jeans. Its good to step out of your usual comfort zone every once in a while!

Sammi x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


A little while ago we took a trip to The Breakfast Club in Angel, We'd been working all day, hadn't had much for breakfast and went for lunch (which of always breakfast). I had been before and enjoyed it but this was a slightly different experience. 

I went for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast with avocado but it came out lukewarm, unfortunately it also came out 10 minutes before Jason's - I try to be rather polite so waited for his to come before tucking in, but by the time it came it has lost all heat alltogether. 
Cold eggs aren't too great! Anyway, Jason went for the Full English but he didn't eat too much of it.

I also ordered a juice which I was quite looking forward to but it literally tasted like water =[

I have to say, I'd been before when I had the french toast with banana and bacon and it was good but this time I wasn't too impressed, It felt very packed inside and there wasn't a lot of personal space. I also felt a bit like a number - I know many places in London treat you like this but in the Hoxton branch they were a lot friendlier and the food was a bit better!

Denim Shorts - Rokit
Bag - ViviStyle
Necklace - ShopDixi
Sandals - Vagabond (On Sale!)

To be honest, I won't be rushing back, This place has blown up recently (not literally) and I can definitely see why, It is set up awesomely inside, the music is good, the staff are usually really nice and there are even board games to play together but I think i've just had that dreaded bad experience!

If you are in Angel and you want a lovely breakfast I have to suggest The Elk in the Woods, its just a few doors down and we had a much better experience there - I actually did a blog post a little while ago which you can find here.

I had a very simple outfit on as we had to do a lot of walking around on the day, it was perfect for the warm weather!

Sammi x

Friday, 1 August 2014


Topshop has forever been one of my favourite stores, They just cover everything - They’ve got your basics, your shoes, your makeup and your night-out knockout outfits. 
I had the opportunity to create a whole look comprising of Topshop pieces and literally jumped at the chance. Many of these pieces are from the holiday line, pieces that you could wear while away or that are perfect for summer and this little white ‘dress’ (I cheated, its a playsuit!) is PERFECT for summer, I’ll definitely be taking it away with me!
I went for these gorgeous nude heels which I think are quite on-trend and you know I love my monochrome…I had to go for this duster kimono too. 
Its summer, so I thought, lets add a little pop - I added these bright sunglasses (which are now on sale for £5!) and I love them, they’re such a cute accessory!
Playsuit - Topshop
Duster Kimono - Topshop
Heels - Topshop
Sunglasses - Topshop (Now £5!)
Bag - Topshop

This is my kind of summery outfit ;) Hope you’re all having a fab summer too!
I’m off to Malta next week so am gearing up for the packing and travelling - ‘citing!
Sammi x

[ Thank you to Jason for taking these snaps - I’m so happy with them! He now has a blog too if you’d like to check it out :) ]