Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Hat - ASOS

I had a few hours in London the other day so while I was there I decided to take snaps throughout the day.
I had a delightful lunch at the Ham yard hotel, consisting of Pan roasted stone bass and gnocchi. I then walked around Regents street for a little while, flitted into Zara and then headed to the offices in East London where I met the new little addition, Lola the miniature Pom!
I then grabbed a coffee from Shoreditch and made my way home to one of my favourite little faces ^.^ (Franklin, my pup!)

Let me know if you like these types of photos of my day and i'll do more!

Sammi x

Saturday, 18 April 2015


I was kindly invited to an event with Charlotte Tilbury a little while ago and I didn't realise beforehand that she was actually gong to be there in person! She was so fabulous, she explained her new summer collection and had a bit of chit-chat with our group of press and bloggers about the products and what inspired her to create each one.
The collection was created with the beautiful imagery of Norman Parkinson and its the first time he has allowed it to be printed anywhere or on anything such as this. It feels special to have a piece from this collection and I feel so lucky to have a sneak peek of the products. I hope you guys like this little insight!
(Above wearing Lipstick in 1975)

The face products are what I am most excited about from this range.
I am a great lover of a natural glowy-looking complexion and these products deliver that flawlessly.
The light champagne powder above is the 'Dreamy glow highlighter' and is already a daily product of mine. I pop it on over my finished face of makeup and it gives a subtle luminosity to the skin.
Another star product for me is the palette just above which looks like the famous filmstar bronze and glow palette and is similar, but this product is a light, workable (and not sticky atall) cream which I find is very easy to use with a brush so you don't have to fill it with sticky fingermarks.
It is called the flimstar Suntan and Sunlight palette and I urge you to get your mitts on this when it comes out!
The whole collection will be out in July at Selfridges and then in August at more locations.

What do you have your eye on?

Sammi x

Monday, 13 April 2015


Outfit from Topshop
Shorts | Top | Sandals | Jacket | Bag | Floral Headband

I love everything about the boho-chic festival style, which has grown into what it is now over the years.
 I remember my mum coming back from Glastonberry when I was younger, in her crochet shorts, DIY tasseled tops and massively oversized sunglasses - I thought she was a nutter at the time but it was such a fun vibe to be around and it's a major form of self-expression and a time to boast your love for music & people.

So obviously there are lots of festivals that go on these days and this outfit wouldn't be suitable for some of them but I fell for this two-piece straight away and adore the lacey detail of it. It could definitely be busted out for a sunnier, cool, stylish festival!
Topshop kindly gave me freedom to create a look from their range online and so I put this little ensomble together, trying to find a unique way to style myself up for a festival shindig #Myfestivalmyway. 
A jacket for warmth, which also adds that rock-chic vibe but in a fresher way due to the shade of it and then I am also in love with these sandals. - They made my heart skip a beat!
They are so comfy and the tie detail is so feminine and ballet inspired. They make me want to dance! They also come in black for fellow 'everything in black' lovers!

I couldn't not add this headband too, which made me feel a little like Lana Del Rey - I nabbed it because the dark berry shade of floral I think looks slightly more demure and mysterious. 
This top and bottom combo would be so easy to wear at a festival, very light, airy and easy to cover up with anything incase you get chilly. Also the bag has a long handle too and i'm forever a fan of chucking my bag over my shoulder when I can't be bothered to walk around with it on my wrist (which you definitely won't be doing at a festival!)
I also had a sneak peek at this new exclusive beauty pack from Topshop which would be perfect for festivals. I've been a fan of Topshop makeup since it launched. I believe its great quality and the shade range they supply is insane.
Favourites are this creme blusher because its a very dimensional and almost metallic shade but has such an interesting look on the skin.
This glitter is also AWESOME. It's so chunky and is a stunning colour! I can't wait to wear this on my cheekbones or on the outer corner of my eyes in summer.

Are you heading to any festivals this year? Let me know where you're going and what ones you recommend!

Sammi x

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Bag - ASOS | Top - Topshop | Shorts - Beyond Retro | Coat - Zara (sale) | Boots - Ganni | Choker & Bracelet - HRH Collection

A usual type of outfit for me yet again, it was sunny the other day so I took full advantage and whacked my legs out. I hadn't worn cut-offs for ages but I loved how they looked with a smarter type of blazer-coat.
My new loves are some pieces I have got my hands on recently from HRH Collection. I haven't seen anything like this silver chocker before and its very good quality too. Also loving the chain and leather bracelet as it makes me feel like i've had a cheeky delve into some Chanel but...that'd be the day!

Sammi x